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Healing Hands Therapy 


The Road to Recover Starts Here

Say Hello to a Pain-Free Life

Healing Hands Therapy in Kendall, Wisconsin has been helping people lead a life free from physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. We teach people how to get to the root of their problems and overcome them through various massage treatments.  Workshops are offered monthly.

Our practice promotes mobility with skeletal alignment to relieve pain.  Vibrational Medicine deals with spiritual and emotional healing from trauma.

Our Mission

To teach and educate people on pain relief and the root cause of their problems. 

About the Owner

Georgia Theuer 

“I began the study of massage therapy in 1990 proceeding from Swedish massage and Sports Therapy, to the Energy forms of body work, including Reiki, acupressure, and cranial work. I worked many years with various chiropractors relieving the pain and disease of patients who had suffered trauma, both physical and emotional.

“Eventually, my continuous search in the journey of healing led me to become a licensed nurse and avid  Vibrational Medicine practitioner.  My practice promotes mobility with skeletal alignment to relieve joint tension, thus relief of  physical pain.  Vibrational Medicine is an effective modality in healing spiritual, and emotional pain from trauma.”

What We Offer